Stress-free family photography sessions. It’s a thing!

boy and girl running around parents

Fun, relaxed family photography.

Can you imagine a family photography session that is not a stressful experience? One where your husband won’t groan the entire time, the kids will be laughing and thoroughly enjoying the process and you get to sit back and soak up quality family time (and have photos made that you will cherish forever). I would never steer you wrong, my sweet friend. It can happen!!

Life is too short to be forced to wear matching white t-shirts and jeans

Whenever asked for wardrobe advice before a session, I urge my clients to stay away from the shops and look through their closet first. You never need to dress up for a storytelling session, but if you want to go the extra step, select what love to wear or something that you would put on if you were going out for a special get-together with friends. Likely it is something incredibly comfortable, classic and the second you put it on, you feel amazing. (Which is the biggest secret to looking amazing in your photos!)

Ottawa family photo kids jumping in front of house

Keep it simple with the rest of the family’s ensemble – the key is to not make a big deal over the clothes. When you look back on the photos in a decade from now, you don’t want to see the latest fashions or be reminded how much your son complained about that new sweater you bought for the photo shoot – you want to see how much everyone enjoyed their time together.

Home is a magical place for your photo shoot

The search for a ‘perfect location’ for photos ends now. In my opinion, your home and backyard is an awesome backdrop for your session.

little boys playing on floor with ball toy

Think about it: the little Lego pieces everywhere right now will be gone one day. (It doesn’t seem that long ago when toys were once strewn from one end of my living room to the other!) So it may seem like a ‘mess’ now, but take my word for it – these are the scenes you will want to remember in 10, 25, or 50 years from now. Your home is the heartbeat of your family and usually where everyone is happiest and most likely to relax and be themselves. Why would you want to be anywhere else?

A session in your house? Doesn’t sound very stress-free, does it? Let me put your mind at ease… I don’t care if your house is full of dust bunnies. Not for one second. All homes (especially with kids) have ‘stuff’ everywhere and it happens to be a fleeting part of your life.  You may feel the urge to tidy as if you were preparing for a friend to come over to visit (again, that’s entirely up to you) but that’s it. I won’t be photographing anything but you and your family together.

family photography - adult children making pizza

For parents of adult children, an in-home session can’t be beat. Very few things can compare to the feeling of having your children back under one roof and involved in preparing and sharing a meal together. You’re going to have to make food for everyone anyway, so why not incorporate your culinary talents and #teamwork into the session?

Playing, laughing and not looking at the camera is highly encouraged

Focus on fun and spending special time together. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

kids playing in the leavesfamily photography kids playing in the leaves

When you let go of expectations and let the session unfold naturally, you end up with the best pictures of the day. Do your thing – love on your babies, give your main squeeze a big, well, squeeze.

family photography little boys give flowers to mom
If you can, try to forget there’s someone there with the camera.

man looks at spouse lovingly on beach


Ready to have your family photographed without all of the fuss? If you live in Renfrew, Arnprior, Ottawa or surrounding areas and are interested in learning more about booking your very own family session, we need to chat. Please send me a note to learn more.


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