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In-Home Sessions: Cyber Monday Sale-abration!

Cyber Monday deals have been flooding in my inbox all weekend, but I think I may have something for you that takes the cake. Have a seat, grab a warm beverage and keep reading. This exciting announcement has huge savings and a big donation to a wonderful local charity.

Before I get to the details, I must state that there’s absolutely nothing better than spending time with families in their home on a regular day and making meaningful photos of the love, chaos and sweetness that happens within that unique family dynamic.

Being invited into your home is not something I take lightly. In a world where everything is Pinterest-perfect, it does take guts to say “yes, our everyday life is awesome; come photograph us as we are.” I know it’s not for everyone, but for the record: your house does not need to look like it belongs in a magazine, you are not boring and ‘as you are’ IS PERFECT.

After every in-home session I can’t help but have a perma-smile because I know how valuable it will be to look back see yourself WITH your children and your spouse, all doing your thing, in your sacred space. I can’t tell you how fast all of the little things that you are doing now with your two year old will change drastically in five years. The bedtime routines, their favourite activities, all of it changes in the blink of an eye.


All of my sessions are designed to help savour this season of life for you – whatever that may be.

This is your opportunity to try out a documentary-style session in 2017 with massive savings. I’m even sweetening the deal by making a personal donation for each session booked through this sale to an incredible local charity near to my heart.

Enough with the delay, here’s the big news:

Save 15% on 2017 Storytelling Sessions
Save 25% on 2017 Savour This Day Sessions

For each session booked, $50 will be directed to the 2016 RVH Foundation Tree of Lights Campaign.



UPDATE: The Cyber Monday Sale-abration has expired. To be the first to learn about upcoming promotions and news, be sure to join my mailing list!


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It’s time to savour those sweet summer nights

Think about some of your most vivid, favourite memories with your family. I bet the majority of these moments have the warm glow of summer wrapped all around them. When I asked my kids some of their most favourite things we do, most of them happen during the summer months (boating, fishing and swimming topped all of their lists!).


Many of the best summertime memories involve the simplest of things like impromptu barbecues or letting the kids stay up way past their usual bed times so you can let them play until they can’t play no more. There is nothing like it.

Yet the season of summer lovin’ here in the Ottawa Valley is short and there is so much to soak up in such a limited timeframe. If we could only make those carefree summer nights in your own backyard, at a nearby beach or the cottage last forever.

Well, here’s your chance to freeze those wonderfully magical evenings of sitting out on the back deck, enjoying ice cream with the kids and watching the sun hit the horizon. I’m introducing an new option for local family sessions:

Savouring Summer Nights

One Hour
June + July + August
Your Backyard or Cottage


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